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Rants and Raves 2016

Join us and FOUR special guests  for this year’s Rants and Raves Chat.  This topic has been one of our most popular ones, as you get to hear what really pushes the buttons – both good and not so good –  of these experienced professionals. Dr. Crista Coppola Dr. Karen London Ms. Nancy Williams, M.A.…

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Goodbye to a Good Friend: An Exploration of the Re-homing of Dogs and Cats in the US

This month we are please to welcome back Dr. Emily Weiss Vice President of Research and Development for the ASPCA.  Keeping pets in quality homes is something we are all passionate about.  In this Chat Dr. Weiss will share some recent research on that topic.  Here’s her Chat description: “Over the past few years we’ve been…

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Social Dominance and Nothing In Life Is Free – How Useful Are They for Working with Behavior Problems in Pets?

CAABChat with Dr. Melissa Shyan-Norwalt, CAAB.   Perhaps no idea related to dog behavior has created more confusion and debate than social dominance. Some people argue it has lost its usefulness for understanding dog behavior. Others argue that it is a real and helpful concept when applied to dogs. Yet others say that “science has…

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