Michele Wan

Dr. Michele Wan of Advanced Dog Behavior Solutions, LLC is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who offers dog behavior and training consultations in Connecticut and New York.  She earned her doctorate in psychology with a focus on animal behavior from Columbia University.

Her work has been published in the peer-reviewed journals Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Behavioural Processes, Animal Genetics, and PLoS ONE.  Dr. Wan has conducted research on dog-human communication, canine behavioral genetics, and cross-cultural differences in dog-keeping practices.  She served as an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University, teaching The Evolution of Behavior.





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Dr. Wan presented a webinar course for members of Behavior Education Network titled “Experience Matters: What Research Tells Us About Human Interpretation of Dog Behavior”.
Class Description:

“Dog behavior professionals often report that owners misinterpret dog behavior, failing to recognize signs of stress, fear, and arousal.  In this webinar, we will discuss recent research comparing non-owner, owner, and professional interpretations of emotion in dogs. Does experience really make a difference, and if so, how?  Methods, results, and implications of the study will be discussed, and the findings will be placed in context with other recent research. This webinar will be of interest to both pet owners and pet professionals.”

Behavior Education Network members can access the class from within BEN.