Rehabilitating Horses with Aversions to Healthcare and Handling Procedures


We’ve all heard about how a single bad experience for horses can make them fearful of the situation and resistant to further handling for a very long time.  But once a horse has such a fear, how can we safely and humanely change their behavior?

In this CAABChat Dr. Sue McDonnell and Dr. Catie Torcivia and Ms. Sharon Madere are going to describe procedures they have used that are not only safe and humane, but effective and surprisingly efficient.  Come and hear these experienced professionals describe and show us what they do and then we’ll broaden out the conversation to talk about potential applications to other species such as dogs and cats.

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In the live Chat, Sharon Madere, CHBC mentioned the internship opportunities in horse behavior and training she has available.  Here are the details we agreed to share:

HANDS-ON LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES. First, thanks to everyone for your encouragement and feedback on yesterday’s webinar, “Rehabilitating Horses with Aversions to Heathcare and Handling.”  Since I’ve had numerous inquiries about internships, I thought I’d share info about our “Work & Learn” program (link below). Participants spend 1 week to 3 months focused on the practical application of science-based equine management, behavior modification and positive reinforcement on a real-world horse farm, working with beautiful Andalusian and Lusitano horses. Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested. More details and info on applying here:

If you have questions about the Chat or the research at the Havemeyer Equine Behavior Laboratory, you can contact Dr. Sue McDonnell at or Dr. Catie Torcivia at