What Are CAABChats?

In January 2019 CAABChats changed to a podcast format at CAABPodcasts.com
and is managed by Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB and Dr. Mindy Waite
Replays of all prior CAABChats in webinar format are still available for purchase from this website.

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WHAT:  A professional discussion among Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (and occasionally invited others) about timely, useful, controversial and foundational topics in the field of pet behavior and training.  You’ll gain insights and information that will change and broaden your thinking and your approach to training and behavior.   Think of CAAB Chats as a more “up close and personal” version of panel discussions at conferences.

WHEN:  You can purchase and listen to ANY CAABChat webinar ON DEMAND at any time!  Just Click on the List of Chats  in the top navigation menu and choose your favorites from the scores available.  If you want to subscribe to the new CAABPodcasts  Click HERE. 

HOW:  Replays of ALL Chats, can be purchased for $15.

WHO:  Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists have all conducted their own original scientific research (it’s one of the criteria for certification) and have a minimum of two years of experience (some of us have been in the field for over 25 years) working in their chosen area (not all CAABs and ACAABs work with companion animals).  All have graduate degrees (a Master’s for ACAABs and a Ph.D. for CAABs) in a behavior science.

We all have a scientific, research background in common, yet we each have our own research interests, are experienced in different facets of pet behavior and bring to the table a depth and breadth of behavioral knowledge and practical experience that are second to none.

To find a CAAB near you, see this map of CAABs in the U.S.

WHY: Pet owners and pet professionals alike need an easily accessible format where pet behavior scientists with day to day practical experience solving pet behavior problems candidly discuss topics that are crucial to the field and analyze claims, methods, research and more for practical, scientific, and factual validity.

Beliefs about pet behavior and training are spread over a broad spectrum of methods, ideas, and practices that often conflict.  Much of the information is completely disconnected from the sciences of animal behavior, animal learning and animal welfare.

Dog training has a reputation for being quite dogmatic (to coin a phrase) with at least some of its practitioners believing their methods and their interpretations of behavior are THE ONLY right ones.  At a recent Animal Behavior Society’s annual conference, attendees of the Public Day reported they most enjoyed the panel discussion at the end, and the chance to hear renowned behavior scientists engage in discussion and express varying points of view.  We took that expressed desire to heart and created CAAB Chats.

The more closely connected we stay to the science of behavior, the better able we are to provide what our pets need and manage and modify their behaviors in ways that work for both them and us, without causing harm.

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DISCLAIMER: CAABChats are a product of Animal Behavior Associates, Inc. and are not endorsed by or in any way connected to the Animal Behavior Society.  Views expressed by participating CAABs and ACAABs are their own, and do not represent the positions of ABA, Inc. or the Animal Behavior Society.  To learn more about certification of applied animal behaviorists Click HERE.