Patricia McConnell

mcconnell Dr. Patricia McConnell is a Zoologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who has been described as "the source for science and soul in dog  training and behavior." She’s helped dogs with behavior problems for over 24 years, teaches at UW-Madison and has had radio and television shows on dog behavior for many years. Dr. McConnell is the author of thirteen books on training and behavior, including The Other End of the Leash translated in twelve languages. Patricia lives with 2 dogs, 2 cats and a spoiled flock of sheep. To learn more, go to HER WEBSITE and her BLOG.

Dr. McConnell, in conjunction with Dr. Karen London and Dr. Suzanne Hetts, presented a webinar for members of Behavior Education Network on "Timely Topics in Canine Behavior".  Dr. McConnell  discussed the difference between reactivity and aggression, the best ways to manage and treat reactive dogs, why punishment isn’t advisable, and safety measures in working with reactive dogs.  Karen and Trisha also discussed their book "Love Has No Age Limit", written for families adopting dogs from shelters.

Members of Behavior Education Network can view the course by logging into BEN HERE.