Rants and Raves 2016

Join us and FOUR special guests  for this year’s Rants and Raves Chat.  This topic has been one of our most popular ones, as you get to hear what really pushes the buttons – both good and not so good –  of these experienced professionals.

Dr. Crista Coppola
Dr. Karen London
Ms. Nancy Williams, M.A.
Dr. Steve Zawistowski
And of Course Your Hosts – Dr. Dan Estep and Dr. Suzanne Hetts

Tune in and find out what AWESOME things have hit the radar of these CAABs that you may have missed.  And discover what supposedly latest and greatest trend or “finding” isn’t so great after all.

Examples of what we’ll be Ranting and Raving About:

1. Socialization –  What is adequate “socialization”, can you “socialize” a dog with aggressive behaviors?  Recent research – “Choice of conflict resolution strategy is linked to sociability in dog puppies”

2. The “gift” of exploding research in dog and cat behavior that needs to be opened with care.   We’ll look at an example of a RAVE research paper and one that deserves a RANT.

3. Your dog isn’t as safe as you think – Recent evaluations of car restraint devices and life jackets for dogs

4. Managing high activity dogs – Concerns about anxiolytics as a substitute for adequate exercise and enrichment

5. “Honorable Mentions”  – Rants and Raves that deserve a mention but we just won’t have time to go into in depth –
a. KUDOS for a handling and restraint training videos
b. KUDOS for a dog trained to help preserve a species
c. BOOS for a research project whose results were over-interpreted and mis-represented and had methodological problems yet generated a wave of press

All of our guests chatters have been friends and colleagues for many years and you’ll get a kick out of the friendly interplay among all of us, even when we disagree.

So take a break from more stressful activities  and come be a fly on the wall for an entertaining BUT VERY informative, and probably NOT PC  Chat among these half dozen folks who have a combined 100 years or more experience, as they share Rants and Raves of 2016.

The Chat is completed and replays can be found at the bottom of this page for those who purchased them.

As promised, we have compiled the references we discussed during the CAABChat.

Click HERE to download the references.

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