Goodbye to a Good Friend: An Exploration of the Re-homing of Dogs and Cats in the US

This month we are please to welcome back Dr. Emily Weiss Vice President of Research and Development for the ASPCA.  Keeping pets in quality homes is something we are all passionate about.  In this Chat Dr. Weiss will share some recent research on that topic.  Here’s her Chat description:

“Over the past few years we’ve been studying various aspects of relinquishment to shelters and rehoming of dogs and cats in general with a goal to develop solutions to increase welfare, and/or increase retention.  This session will highlight a couple of those studies, including a brand new study focused on learning more about re-homing in general.  We will also explore the impact of shifting resources toward keeping pets at high risk in the home as opposed to the shelter.”

The Chat is completed and live attendees loved it!  Here’s what they had to say –

Thank you – great webinar! – Corinne M.
This was wonderful, thank you! – Veronica H.
Amazing information. New way of thinking about problems these people face. – Fran B.

What I liked best – clear, concise and organized – Donna L.
What I liked best – Dr Weiss’ non-shunning and non-shaming attitude toward people in difficult situations. A lesson for all. – Kerry G.

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Here are the references that Dr. Weiss talked about in her CAABChat
Here is the position statement –
ASPCA Position statement on keeping pets and people together

Study concerning large dog relinquishment –
Weiss, E.; Slater, M.; Garrison, L.; Drain, N.; Dolan, E.; Scarlett, J.M.; Zawistowski, S.L. Large Dog Relinquishment to Two Municipal Facilities in New York City and Washington, D.C.: Identifying Targets for Intervention. Animals 2014, 4, 409-433.

Re-homing national survey
Weiss, E. , Gramann, S. , Victor Spain, C. and Slater, M. (2015) Goodbye to a Good Friend: An Exploration of the Re-Homing of Cats and Dogs in the U.S.. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 5, 435-456. doi: 10.4236/ojas.2015.54046

The LA shelter study –
Dolan, E.D.; Scotto, J.; Slater, M.; Weiss, E. Risk Factors for Dog Relinquishment to a Los Angeles Municipal Animal Shelter. Animals 2015, 5, 1311-1328.

Link to the Shelter behavior textbook (which includes a chapter re relinquishment)
Emily Weiss (Editor), Heather Mohan-Gibbons (Editor), Stephen Zawistowski (Editor)
Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff. Wiley-Blackwell, 2015.

A blog post that highlights some of the work –
Weiss, E. We can’t fix poverty but we can fix this… Blog post, 12/15/15 ASPCA Professional.

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