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Evaluating, Managing and Modifying Resource Guarding

Guest CAAB Chatters: Amy Marder, VMD, CAAB and Ms. Lindsay Wood, M.A., ACAAB Dogs are known to sometimes protect, or guard, items they want sole, or at least priority access to. The behaviors may include threats – showing teeth, growling; aggression – biting; or “keep-away” behaviors in which the dog runs from anyone trying to…

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Cat Social Behavior

Cat Social Relationships: What Makes Them Work and Why Do they Go Wrong? Guest CAAB Chatters: Victoria Voith, DVM, Ph.D., DACVB and Jessica Lockhart, Ph.D., CAAB This CAABChat was a great success.  We’re drawing people from all over the world, and from interested pet owners to those who want to do their own research! Here…

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Social Roles and Relationships in Dogs

Social Roles and Relationships in Dogs Guest CAAB Chatters:  Dr. Karen London, CAAB and Dr. Camille Ward, CAAB Our third CAABChat was another great successs with 132 people listening in. Here’s some of what they had to say – “Really wonderful discussion by the guests and the moderators. Fabulous!” “I enjoyed listening to a more…

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