Cat Social Behavior

Cat Social Relationships: What Makes Them Work and Why Do they Go Wrong?
Guest CAAB Chatters: Victoria Voith, DVM, Ph.D., DACVB and Jessica Lockhart, Ph.D., CAAB

This CAABChat was a great success.  We’re drawing people from all over the world, and from interested pet owners to those who want to do their own research! Here are some of the comments:

“Great webinar!  More on cats, please!!”  Natasha D.
“Thanks I enjoyed listening in. Please keep me on your mailing list. I am listening in from in Hong Kong.”  Pauline T.
“Got a lot information on cat re direct aggression that I wasn’t really aware of.”       Nina M.
“Thank you all so much for all the information, so I can be a better cat owner.” Heather B. ‘
“I plan to research the different studies named to find out more information.”   Christine C.

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There is a diversity of opinions about the sociability of cats.  Some believe that they are by nature solitary and limited in their ability to form attachments while others strongly believe that they are highly social, can form attachments just as strongly as dogs and can do well living in groups.  What is the truth about cat sociability?

In this Chat Dr. Jessica Lockhart and Dr. Victoria Voith, two experts with years of experience working with cats and cat problems, talk about the sociability of cats.   What do behaviorists know about cat social behavior, what do we need to know, and how does our knowledge affect how we keep cats and deal with social problems such as fighting among cats and aggression towards people?

Among the questions that our Chatters discussed were:
•   Are cats truely domesticated or are they still wild but just tamed?
•    What are the limits to cat sociability? Can cats ever be as sociable as dogs?
•    Why do cats spray?
•    Do cats have dominance relationships?
•    When do cats redirect their aggression to others?
•    Remember the 911 call about the attack cat? How can we best help cat owners to better understand the nature of cats and how they should respond when threatened?
•    What can cat owners do if their cats are having conflicts with other cats or people?
•    Are play groups good for cats?

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