Social Roles and Relationships in Dogs

Social Roles and Relationships in Dogs

Guest CAAB Chatters:  Dr. Karen London, CAAB and Dr. Camille Ward, CAAB

Our third CAABChat was another great successs with 132 people listening in.

Here’s some of what they had to say –

  • “Really wonderful discussion by the guests and the moderators. Fabulous!”
  • “I enjoyed listening to a more informal discussions that was more about exploring rather than lecturing.”
  • “I like the discussion aspect – the bouncing off of ideas. I love being able to listen to high quality, speakers who are focused on science, respectful of anecdote, and also are dog nuts!”

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The subject of this CAAB Chat – social roles and relationships in our dogs –cuts right to the core of what understanding our dogs, creating healthy relationships with them, and allowing them to create healthy relationships with one another, is all about.

If one reads any dog training book from as little as five years ago, one might get the impression that the ONLY important social role either among dogs or our role with dogs, was a dominant one.  Our chatters discussed social dominance from an ethological point of view and gave their views of it’s importance to dog-dog and dog-human relationships.

But the social relationships dogs form are about so much more than just dominance. By going beyond the dominance concept, scientists have discovered a richness to dog social behavior that rivals our closest relatives, the primates.  Discover some of this complexity for yourself in this engaging discussion.   The other topics our CAAB Chatters discussed included:

  •     Do dogs have friends?
  •     What’s the relationship between friendship, attachment and affiliative behaviors in dogs?
  •     How do friendships develop among dogs?
  •     How does play figure into dog relationships?
  •     Is there good play and bad play among dogs?
  •     Do dogs have preferences for their play partners?
  •     What contributes to those preferences?
  •     How do relationships among dogs go wrong?
  •     Do dogs get jealous?

With such a rich diversity of topics for discussion, most not often discussed,  this is one Chat you won’t want to miss!

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Here is a link to a review paper by Carlos Drews we’ll be mentioning in the discussion about social dominance.