Rehabilitating Horses with Aversions to Healthcare and Handling Procedures

  We’ve all heard about how a single bad experience for horses can make them fearful of the situation and resistant to further handling for a very long time.  But once a horse has such a fear, how can we safely and humanely change their behavior? In this CAABChat Dr. Sue McDonnell and Dr. Catie…

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What We Learned At The Animal Behavior Society Annual Conference That You Should Know About

  With Guest Chatters, Dr. Mindy Waite, Dr. Robin Foster, CAAB and Sharon Wirant Dan just returned from the 55th annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society where there were exciting lectures and stimulating discussions about all things animal behavior. There was an ENTIRE day of talks about applied animal behavior research including studies of horses,…

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Identifying Behavioral Indicators of Welfare Using A Converging Evidence Model of Health, Physiological, & Cognitive Data

With guest chatter Dr. Lisa Gunter, MA, PhD. CPDT-KA Previous research has identified many stressors in the daily lives of shelter dogs, including but not limited to excessive noise, spatial restrictions, and loss of attachment figures. While prior studies have found behaviors that may be related to single physiological parameters, no study to-date has used…

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