Identifying Behavioral Indicators of Welfare Using A Converging Evidence Model of Health, Physiological, & Cognitive Data

With guest chatter Dr. Lisa Gunter, MA, PhD. CPDT-KA Previous research has identified many stressors in the daily lives of shelter dogs, including but not limited to excessive noise, spatial restrictions, and loss of attachment figures. While prior studies have found behaviors that may be related to single physiological parameters, no study to-date has used…

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Evaluating The Effectiveness of Reinforcement Delivery

Does size or number matter most?    With guest chatter Erica Feuerbacher, Ph.D., BCBA-D, CPDT-KA All of us are always looking for more effective ways to reinforce desired behaviors from the animals we work with.  Some research has found that food is typically a more effective reinforcer for dogs than social interaction. However, little is…

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How To Get Your Hands on A Hands Off Cat

Helping Under-Socialized Kittens In Shelters   For this unique CAABChat we welcome Ms. Adi Hovav and Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB.  Both of these experienced individuals work for the ASPCA, and presented this talk at our recent IFAAB (Interdisciplinary Forum in Applied Animal Behavior) invitational annual meeting.  They’ve graciously agreed to share the information with our CAABChat…

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