Report on the First Progressive Equine Behavior and Training Forum

The first meeting of the Progressive Equine Behavior & Training Forum took place this past February.  Organized by our good friends and colleagues Ms. Sharon Madere, CHBC, Dr. Robin Foster, CHBC, CAAB, and others this Forum brought together some of the most experienced horse behavior professionals in the country.  They met to discuss  a variety…

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Environmental enrichment for cats: Implementation and owner attitudes

With guest chatters, Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB and Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado Environmental enrichment generally refers to the addition of activities, objects, or companionship to optimize physical and psychological states and improve an animal’s welfare while encouraging species-typical behaviors. In this CAABChat, Dr. Mikel Delgado, CAAB and  Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB discuss the enrichment needs…

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Rehabilitating Horses with Aversions to Healthcare and Handling Procedures

  We’ve all heard about how a single bad experience for horses can make them fearful of the situation and resistant to further handling for a very long time.  But once a horse has such a fear, how can we safely and humanely change their behavior? In this CAABChat Dr. Sue McDonnell and Dr. Catie…

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