Practicalities and Protocols for Safe Relationships Between Dogs & Kids

Practicalities and Protocols for Safe Relationships Between Dogs & Kids

Guest CAAB Chatters: Crista Coppola, Ph.D., CAAB and Megan Maxwell, Ph.D., CAAB

CAABs and other pet professionals shudder at videos of kids interacting with dogs in ways most people think are harmless, cute, or endearing.  Research shows in fact that most parents – of kids and dogs alike – aren’t as skilled as they need to be in recognizing the kinds of kid-dog encounters that put one or both individuals at risk for harm.

Ensuring safety during kid-dog encounters is more complicated than just supervision.  Both children and dogs need “go to”, default behaviors that parents can elicit quickly and easily, and older children know to do even if the parent isn’t right there.
In this CAABChat you’ll have the privilege of hearing from two certified behaviorists who are also parents about what they do daily to keep their children safe and their dogs happy.

You’ll hear Dr. Crista Coppola describe the five rules she’s taught her children about what to do, and not do, with her family’s dogs. One of these rules gives “the three second rule” an all new meaning.  Find out what option Dr. Coppola ALWAYS gives her dogs, and what alternative behaviors she’s trained them to do in order to interrupt a kid-dog encounter that isn’t going well.

Dr. Megan Maxwell will share with you the management and intervention techniques she presents in her community lectures on “Kids and Dogs: How to Greet and Treat our Canine Friends”, and also implements within her own family.

In addition to these discussion points, we’ll choose questions to Chat about from those you can submit when you register, and take questions during the live Chat, as time allows.  That’s what makes it a Chat – our participants can influence the direction our Chat takes us!
With estimates  that over 2 million children are bitten by dogs each year, and an unknown number of dogs losing their homes because of concerns about their behavior around children, this Chat is an important dog bite prevention event.

It’s not often you get to hear the perspective of the  behavior professional, the pet parent, and the parent all in one person, and in this Chat you get not one but TWO sets of insights from these three points of view.

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This video compilation from YouTube illustrates just some of the problematic situations that make us cringe!