The Education of Will: A Window on Comparative Trauma in People and Dogs

Chat with Dr. Patricia McConnell, CAAB                                          


Patricia’s new book, a memoir titled The Education of Will, brings up many issues related to the experience and treatment of trauma in both people and companion animals. We’ll use it as a starting point to discuss:
* Is it reasonable to talk about animals like our dogs or cats as capable of being traumatized? Having PTSD?
* If we accept that both companion animals and people can be traumatized, how would our experiences be similar? How would they be different?
* What can treatments for human victims of trauma teach us about treating trauma in companion animals? What about the other direction—from pets to people?
* What do we know, both from science and anecdotal experience, that can help us evaluate the practice of using other animal to help people recover from trauma?

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“[I loved] All of it 🙂 It was informative and entertaining. Lots of great ideas both for working with my own dogs and putting together some potential studies.” Linda G.
“Good information covering a lot of subjects.” Julie S.
“[An] open and honest conversation” Sylvia A.
“Dr. McConnell is just so amazing, her experience, her empathy and compassion!” Monique C.
“You were all wonderful 🙂 “ Wendy K.
“You guys always rock it!” Heidi K.

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