Recognizing The People Who Helped Get Us Where We Are: Their Contributions and Mentoring

 With guest chatters, Nancy Williams, RVT, M.A., ACAAB, Dr. Crista Coppola, CAAB  and Jennie Lane, RVT, M.A., ACAAB

Whether you’ve been in the fields of companion animal behavior and training for longer than you’d like to think about, or if you’re just starting out, there are experienced professionals in the field who have been pivotal helping you get where you are.  People who’s books or research papers you’ve read, who’ve taught you hands on skills, people from whom you’ve learned what it means to be a professional, and people who’ve motivated and inspired you.

In this CAABChat we and our guest Chatters will talk about the people who’ve not only contributed to our careers, but made significant contributions to the fields of companion animal behavior and training as well.  It’s not always the folks who get the most press that actually make the biggest differences in the lives and careers of others, or in the field as a whole.

We’ll end this discussion by talking about the importance of mentoring.  What is a mentoring relationship?  What makes a good mentor, and what are one’s responsibilities as a mentee?  Particularly in a field that is not regulated and needs more professional oversight, mentoring takes on an even bigger role.

Joining us will be Dr. Crista Coppola, CAAB and Ms. Nancy Williams, ACAAB.  The mentors and their work we will be discussing are:

  • Dr. Peter Borchelt, CAAB
  • Dr. Pam Reid, CAAB
  • Dr. Victoria Voith, DVM, DACVB
  • Dr. John Wright, CAAB

And  there may be a few surprise, unannounced guests as well so you don’t want to miss this Chat.

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