Rants and Raves – What Irritates Us, What Excites Us

With guest CAAB Chatters

Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli, Nancy Williams, Jessica Lockhart and Mary Huntsberry

Have you ever wondered what CAABs talk about when they really get passionate about a topic?  What do we RAVE about?  Information that gets us really excited to hear.  Maybe it’s some new research we think has been designed well, and the results have important implications.  Perhaps it’s some innovative methods or curriculum for a class for some sort of “special needs” dogs.  Or possibly it’s a professional article or a blog post that makes us think wow, I wish I would have thought of that, or wow, wish I could do that too.

On the flip side, what really gets our blood boiling?  What do we RANT about that is like fingers down a chalkboard for us? It might be some interpretation of pet behavior that has no connection to science, but is being widely disseminated and presented as FACT.  Maybe it’s pet-people interactions we encounter repeatedly  – or maybe a unique one we just had – that make us throw up our hands and wonder HOW can we get people better informed about their pets’ behaviors!

If you want ideas about how to counter some of the misinformation about behavior that is rampant, you’ll want to hear our RANTS.  If you want to get tuned into some GREAT stuff that is happening in our field you’ll want to hear our RAVES.

Just a few topics suggested by our chatters that we’ll be RANTING and RAVING about include:

  • RANT: Standard training classes do not supply the skills necessary for dogs with aggressive behaviors. Traditional group class can also expose other people and dogs to threatening or dangerous situations.
  • RAVE: after proper assessment of the dog’s problem, skills can be taught in a class environment considering the dog’s problem and safety for the other participants.
  • RANT:  Comments on a recent essay about the ‘Wrong Dog’ being adopted, and comments about the comments on the essay.
  • RAVE:  the rehabilitation of Coconut and other work at the ASPCA’s Rehabilitation Center at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center
  • RANT:  Labels for types of trainers and for dogs and their problems
  • And More! Depending on where the above Rants and Raves take us

Join us, Dan and Suzanne, along with FOUR of our friends, colleagues, and fellow CAABs as we RANT and RAVE about topics important to us.  If you’ve attended other Chats, you know, we never know what direction a Chat might take – that’s what’s intriguing and unique about CAAB Chats.
CAAB Chatters who will be Ranting and Raving with us are:

  • Mary Huntsberry, M.A. ACAAB
  • Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB
  • Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli, CAAB
  • Nancy Williams, M.A., RVT, ACAAB

And who knows who else might join us!

The Webinar is now completed. Look below for links to essays and blogs and the replay.

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Here are the Essays we talked about on the Chat.

About the Rehabilitation of Coconut by the ASPCA


About “The Wrong Dog”
Huberty, E.-L. The Wrong Dog. New York Times, December 13, 2014

Bekoff, M. Musical dogs: Moving dogs from home to home can be perilous. Psychology Today, December 16, 2014

Derr, M.  What’s Wrong with “The Wrong Dog?” Psychology Today, December 16, 2014