Puppy Classes – Getting From Good To Great and Avoiding The Bad


With Guest Chatters, Mary Huntsberry, MA, ACAAB and Carmen LeBlanc, MS, CPDT, ACAAB






Puppy classes have long been promoted as a problem prevention activity and a way to give puppies opportunities for socialization.  We all know that the experiences puppies have during that sensitive period for behavior development can have long lasting effects on their behavior.  And what happens in puppy classes is no exception.

Puppy classes are not inherently “good things”.  As with many training techniques and tools, whether they help or harm all depends on how they are conducted.

In this CAAB Chat you’ll hear from two ACAABs with a TON of puppy class teaching experience between them.  Ms. Carmen LeBlanc and Ms. Mary Huntsberry both conduct puppy classes through their respective businesses “Way to Behave” and “Helping Pets Behave”.  Read more about Carmen and Mary in their bios.

You’ll hear their views on:

  • Should puppy classes be primarily for “socialization” and owner education OR to teach puppies foundation behaviors like “sit” and “down” or both?
  • The FIVE biggest MISTAKES most puppy classes suffer from and how to avoid them
  • The THREE most important components EVERY puppy class should include
  • The skills anyone who conducts puppy classes must have
  • Puppy play in class – is play time a necessary part of classes or does it only teach “bad habits”?
  • Must have management procedures to have a successful puppy class
  • And MUCH MORE!

The Chat is now completed.  Those who purchased the replays can find the links to them at the bottom of the page.

Here’s what a few live attendees had to say”

The speakers were engaging, informative, and open to differing opinions.  Thank you for showing two very different styles of puppy class as being equally valid and beneficial, instead of showing only one example of class and purporting it to be the best.   Kate C.

I really like the idea of the puppy getting treats tossed by students as they left to help counter condition.  Good way to get class involved and get the fearful puppy help.  Heather B.

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