New Ideas About Where Dogs Came From and Implications For How Best To Live With Them

With Guest Chatters Dr. Clive Wynne and Ms. Janice Koler-Matznick, M.S. ACAAB


When we were in graduate school, the domestication literature (for example Clutton-Brock) at the time held that dogs were domesticated by taming wolf pups.  The motivation for domestication of wolf to dog, was the assistance wolf-cubs-becoming-dogs could bring to peoples’ hunt for prey/food.

Subsequent theories agreed with the taming process, but held that the reason for doing so was for companionship, not for utilitarian hunting purposes.

More recently, Ray and Lorne Coppinger have advanced the idea that domestication was a passive process due to the creation of a new niche, rather than an active process driven by people.

But does the available evidence support that view?

We’ll hear from behavior scientist Dr. Clive Wynne about his views that phenotypic dogs appeared arose before the end of the last ice age; but they did not, however, become valuable to people until the climate warmed and humans needed assistance hunting in the denser forests that arose at that time.

We’ll also hear from Janice A. Koler-Matznick, M.S. ACAAB, long-time expert on the New Guinea Singing dogs.  Janice will be sharing her expertise on aboriginal dogs, including village dogs in a variety of countries, and how they may, or may not be models for ancestors of todays’ domestic dogs. Jan is the author of the upcoming book “Dawn of the Dog”.







Finally we’ll chat about what implications the dogs’ origins have for how we can best live with and provide for their needs today.  The Chat is completed and you can find the replays at the bottom of this page.

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