More Options for Food Guarding Dogs in Shelters


With Guest Chatters Dr. Emily Weiss and Ms. Heather Mohan-Gibbons


Dr. Emily Weiss and Heather Mohan-Gibbons will highlight research on food guarding dogs in  animal shelters  and where we are headed with recommendations for these dogs in the future.

•    Hear the highlights of one survey and two publications on food guarding behavior done in-  shelter and the results of follow-up in the home. This is what sets the stage for our current  research.
•    Hear some preliminary findings of our current research with 9 pilot shelters who stopped  assessing for food guarding.
•    They will share what feedback they have received from shelters in the pilot (fears and excitement). Then we will open a discussion around more options for dogs in-shelters who have food guarding behavior.


In 2013, Dr. Emily Weiss and Heather Mohan-Gibbons gave a webinar about research on food guarding in shelters. They shared findings from animal shelters in a national survey and how those shelters were addressing food guarding. Additionally, they shared research from the food behavior modification program developed at Wisconsin Humane Society and ways to best support adopters who adopt these dogs.
Before joining them in the CAAB Chat, it is recommended that you are familiar with these slides or watch this previous webinar.  They will briefly touch on the results of this previous work, but the majority of this CAAB Chat will be sharing new research around food guarding that results in saving more lives.
Click here to access the free webinar and download the open-access peer-reviewed food guarding publication.
Here are emails for Dr. Weiss and Ms. Mohan-Gibbons. Contact them if you have questions about their work on Food Guarding by Shelter Dogs.

Resources available on about Food Guarding and training on canine communication.
Previous webinar:

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