Evaluation, Behavior Modification and Socialization of Cruelty Case Victims while in Protective Custody

Evaluation, Behavior Modification and Socialization of Cruelty Case Victims while in Protective Custody

Guest CAAB Chatter: Pamela Reid, Ph.D., CAAB, Vice-President, Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team, ASPCA

What becomes of dogs taken from cruel circumstances?  Can they ever be re-homed?  What can be done for them to make re-homing more likely? Are there ways to determine which dogs are more likely to be rehabilitated and which ones are not?

Dogs rescued from substandard puppy mills, hoarding situations and dogfighters run the gamut from friendly, sociable animals to extremely aggressive or fearful creatures. The behavior evaluation proves a useful tool in determining the best possible outcomes for these cruelty victims. While being held as evidence, providing housing, food, water and veterinary care was once thought to be sufficient. But nowadays, we recognize that attending to the animals’ psychological well-being protects them from the boredom and stress that can result in behavioral deterioration and susceptibility to disease. This is where the behaviorist plays a crucial role, offering environmental and social enrichment and behavioral rehabilitation. We’ll discuss how behavior programs can improve the welfare of animals in custody and Dr. Reid will introduce the ASPCA’s work at their newly opened Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey.

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