Nothing Stays The Same – or Does It? A Chat with Kathy Sdao


       With Guest Chatter, Kathy Sdao, M.A., ACAAB

      The Chat is completed but the replay is available at the bottom of the page. 

We’re all constantly exposed to new ideas, techniques or procedures.  Some of them we ignore or quickly forget, others catch our interest and we think we should know more about them, and then others capture our imaginations and keep us thinking for quite a while.
Our guest Chatter for this month, Ms. Kathy Sdao, asked us if we thought chatting about selected new ideas we’ve all been exposed to recently would be a good topic for a Chat, and we enthusiastically said yes!
In this month’s Chat we’ll talk about several ideas, questions, and procedures that were thought provoking to us.  As we all strive to be continually better at what we do, it’s important to critically evaluate the new information to which we are exposed.  It behooves us all to not jump on the latest bandwagon just because something sounds good on the surface, is marketed well, or is shared by someone we like.  AND on the other side of the coin to not immediately disregard an alternative way of looking at things JUST because it’s new or is different than our usual view of how things are done.
In this Chat we’ll have a lively discussion about selected new information each of us have been exposed to recently, and give you our reactions.  Don’t expect definitive answers or even universal agreement among us, but DO expect to see how to discuss thorny topics respectfully, with a sense of humor, and open minds.
Some topics we plan to Chat about:
•    When we wish to interact with animals, should we get their consent first? Does the answer vary depending on the circumstances? If so, what would “consent” look like?  How do we evaluate what constitutes “consent”?
•    Should relaxation (of the animal) be a major goal when training or working with behavior problems? Is being relaxed, the same as being calm, and are either or both of those always desirable alternatives to problem behaviors?
•    Is errorless teaching the best way to train animals (and people)?
•    Can exposure to stress be a good thing for animals (and people)?
We won’t have answers to these questions but we hope to contribute to the conversation about them. Join us with your beverage of choice and enjoy the conversation!

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