Canine Communication

 Questions, Controversies and Considerations in Canine Visual Communication

Guest CAAB Chatters:
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB and Michele Wan, Ph.D., CAAB

We’ve completed our inaugural Chat with CAABs and it was a great success!  We had 174 people attend live and they loved it!
Here are some of the comments:

“LOVED the webinar.  Michele and Tricia were great, really did feel like ‘listening in’ on a chat you would be having in private – pretty darn cool.”   Tracey M.

“Thanks for offering this opportunity to those of who can’t afford to attend conferences but who really care about spreading this knowledge in our communities!”   Emma D.

“Yes!  Thank you for helping me become better educated.  I want to help dogs and their owners and rely upon the guidance of experts such as CAAB individuals who are generous enough to share their knowledge and experience.  I am very grateful.”                   Dan A.

“Thank you so much for this! I could easily have listened to another hour or three of this. I look forward to many more of these. :-)”   Jody E.

“Can’t wait for the other webinars, especially the Social Roles in Dogs coming in March.”    Felicia M.

“If you keep talking, I will keep listening!”    Mindy W.

If you weren’t able to attend the live event you can catch up on the 75 minutes of great conversation by buying access to the replay.  For only $15 you can get continuous access to the replay to watch and/or listen to again and again.  There was so much information in this chat, we bet you will find something new every time you watch it.

AND we’ll also include the PDF file of the PPT slides – that includes the notes that were compiled LIVE in real time – for you to download.

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Here are just a few of the questions that were addressed in this wide-ranging discussion:

  • What are calming signals and how do they work? Do dogs intentionally give them?  What’s the research say about them?
  • How do scientists determine the meaning of signals such as yawning, looking away and freezing?
  • Are there breed differences among dogs in their abilities to give and receive signals from other dogs and people?  If so, why?
  • Why do dogs lick the faces of babies?  Is this a display of affection, of anxiety, both, or something else?  What information might help us to better identify an individual dog’s motivation?  For an example – Click HERE
  • Why do some dogs lick things and people excessively?

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