CAABs Chat About Current Events and Sacred Cows

CAABs Chat About Current Events and Sacred Cows
Drs. Suzanne Hetts & Dan Estep with Special Guests Dr.  Jessica Lockhart and Nancy Williams

  • Has domestication made dogs stupid? Some say recent research says yes.
  • Can oxytocin make dogs friendlier?  Can a pig pheromone stop dogs from barking?
  • Can people really read the minds of their dogs?
  • Do good dogs really live longer than not-so-good dogs?
  • Pets can be of great benefit to people but they also can cost a lot to keep, can destroy our expensive electronics and disturb our sleep. Does the good outweigh the bad?  And why are people spending even more on their pets than in previous times?

Recent research and popular press articles have addressed these questions and MORE.

In this CAABChat, Drs. Suzanne Hetts and Dan Estep with guest Chatters Dr. Jessica Lockhart and Ms. Nancy Williams took on these headlines and address the science, or lack of it, behind the claims.

You can watch the replay of our discussion about some things making news in the pet world and some old ideas that keep popping up but just won’t die. We addressed some listener questions as well   This was a varied Chat but one that listeners found interesting and entertaining.

Here’s some of what they said:

  • “I liked the informality and the contributions each of the participants made. You were on the same page but – Loved hearing all of you experts, especially your way of dissecting new research…Keep the CAAB chats coming. There’s nothing like them anywhere.”  Alfhild W.
  • “I really enjoyed it and look forward to more chats.  The participants were knowledgeable and informative on the subjects. I enjoyed the relaxed presentation style.  It really was a “chat” and not a lecture like some webinars.  The presenters were interesting and friendly and even funny sometimes.”   Linda T.
  • [What I liked Best]  “Nancy Williams – I love her perspective and I love the term ‘sports guarding’…great session”   Debra R.
  • “Good interactions with all speakers…Well done.”  Ken M.

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Here is the reference to the article on diet and behavior we discussed.  Also the reference to a more recent discussion of diet and behavior.

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