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balance_questions_12010 blueIt’s Your Turn!

With Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Daniel Estep, Ph.D., CAAB

We’ve been doing our CAABChats for almost 2 years now. Each month we’ve chosen a topic for our fellow CAABs and selected invited guests to Chat about.

This month, it’s YOUR turn.  November’s CAAB Chat is an “Ask The Behaviorist” opportunity.  We’re giving you the chance to submit your most burning question about animal behavior and training as it applies to companion animals.  Consider this Chat the same as if you’d run into us at a conference and bought us a drink and you had the chance to pick our brains for a bit as we sat and visited.  OR if you hired us for a consultation or mentoring session you’d be paying several hundred dollars for the chance to have your questions answered.  So don’t waste this opportunity!

The Chat is completed. We chose the best questions to answer and discuss in this month’s Chat, Including:

  • Should shelters and rescue organizations stop testing dogs for food guarding behavior prior to adoption?
  • How can we change undesirable self-rewarded behaviors such as chasing small animals?
  • Are there misunderstandings about the science behind the use of reinforcement and aversives and the concept of drive?
  • What are the options in working with a dog that chases his tail? Is all tail chasing compulsive?
  • How should clickers be used with interval schdules of reinforcement?
  • How do you go about introducing a cat to a new home?
  • AND several other issues related to the questions you asked!

You can find out the answers to these questions on the recorded replay.   We think they will be of interest to everyone who works with or has dogs or cats as pets.

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