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How To Get Your Hands on A Hands Off Cat

Helping Under-Socialized Kittens In Shelters   For this unique CAABChat we welcome Ms. Adi Hovav and Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB.  Both of these experienced individuals work for the ASPCA, and presented this talk at our recent IFAAB (Interdisciplinary Forum in Applied Animal Behavior) invitational annual meeting.  They’ve graciously agreed to share the information with our CAABChat…

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Cooperative Dog Training Principles and Discussion

Principles For and Discussion About Cooperative Training with Guest Chatter Dr. Jessica Lockhart There’s a lot to be happy about in the dog behavior and training world these days. More research that enlightens us about the cognitive capabilities and emotional world of our pets. Greater efforts to provide higher quality environments and enrichment that meet the…

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Rants and Raves – What Irritates Us, What Excites Us

With guest CAAB Chatters Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli, Nancy Williams, Jessica Lockhart and Mary Huntsberry Have you ever wondered what CAABs talk about when they really get passionate about a topic?  What do we RAVE about?  Information that gets us really excited to hear.  Maybe it’s some new research we think has been designed well, and…

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