To celebrate our first full year of CAAB Chats, you now have the opportunity to purchase ALL the replays from 2014 at 25% off the collective individual purchase price.  This collection of Chats covered a wide range of topics from the welfare and rehabilitation of fearful dogs and of dogs that resource guard, to proactive protocols such as creating healthy and safe relationships between dogs and kids and using response prevention techniques to increase the effectiveness of counter conditioning and desensitization.  We discussed behavior of dogs, cats and horses and brought you up to date on current events in Rants and Raves, Current Events and Sacred Cows.

You'll be hard pressed to find a package of webinars for such a reasonable price that even comes close to matching the depth and breadth of topics covered by participating CAAB behavior scientists and other Chatters, all of whom have years of practical experience.  Here's just a few comments from our many attendees:

…it was great.  It was also at the intellectual and professional level I've been looking for.  Jeanette S.

I loved the diversity of ideas and being able to add to the arsenal of ideas for different species. Desiree B.

This is the first CAAB chat that I have listened to and I really liked it. I will be looking for others.  Jennifer K.

The information about the testing of the fighting dogs was really helpful.  Dana E.

Was wonderful, and free! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OFFERING THIS!  Terri M.

Take advantage of this 25% special discount offer now, as it goes away at the end of day, Tuesday January 6th.  If you were purchasing the CAAB Chats individually you'd pay $216 for the 12 Chats.  With the 25% special discount offer you pay only $162.  With the Chats ranging in length from 90 minutes to almost 2 hours, that's less than $10/hour for professional education.  That's true value!

Regular Price for the 2014 Package is $194 (10% off the collective individual price) but through Tuesday January 6th you pay only $162, a 25% discount.  Use the Add to Cart Button below.



Through January 6th you can purchase a package of two Chats – "Rants and Raves" and "Current Events and Sacred Cows" also for 25% off the regular combined price of $36.  Purchase both these Chats using the Add to Cart Buttons below.  Then when you check out in the shopping cart, use the coupon code "Chat 2"  and your discount will be automatically applied, bringing the price to $27You must purchase both Chats to receive the discount.

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To access these two Chats after purchase, log in and navigate to the Chats' respective pages and the links to the replays will be at the bottom of each page.

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